One of the most over looked parts of the car or truck is the transmission, depending on how you use the vehicle most people would be shocked to find that they fall under the heavy or severe use chart.  

Which means that you need to change the fluid more.    

One thing that i do at AUTO MEDIC is that i will exchange your fluid using a pressure flush machine, I do not use chemical most of the time, because it usually has been to long of time before the transmission has been serviced.  

I have great results doing it this way as the transmission acts/shifts better and no harm is done to the transmission.   

Engine Oil

How do you know when to change your oil?   Is it always the same time?

The answer is no, anytime you are driving with a roof carrier, Toyota and many others consider that sever duty usage and you need to replace it much sooner than without the roof carrier on.  Are you towing or having the vehicle loaded.

So make sure you read the usage section of your owners Manuel or bring it into me and i will make sure you are taking the best care of your engine.

Is your expensive engine worth damaging with low grade cheep oil, or excessively long times between oil change???

Checking your coolant..

When checking the coolant in your vehicle never remove any caps when it is hot, as this could cause you to get some very nasty burns from the coolant that will be under pressure.

If you find that you are low on coolant, I advise coming in to find out if you have a leak that will cause you problems.

remember when you top off the coolant make sure that you put the correct type in, as there are many different types, and never put tap water in as it will cause buildup in your system, always use distilled water or 50/50 premixed coolant.